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These organizations are dedicated to teaching public speaking skills, interpersonal communication skills, and presentation skills. I am not endorsing these companies, just listing organizations that may be useful for you.

Digital Tools

Many tools can A) help you develop your public speaking skills whether for wedding toasts, sales presentations, job interviews, retirement dinners, corporate training, and more; B) help you continue training or discussion online; and C) help you meet digitally instead of in-person.

  • Photo Booth. On the dock of all Apple devices. Record your talk and critique it.
  • VoiceThread. design discussions, have no-schedule meetings, offer professional development, collaborate with clients, offer sales and marketing help
  • UMU. "UMU lets you create engaging learning experiences that improve performance. Lessons are more immersive with interaction and collaboration at every level. Create, share, track, and learn in one convenient place."


I am always on the lookout for articles about speaking, public speaking, training, toasting, selling, interviewing. Contact me if you find something that should be posted.


There are thousands of books about public speaking, presentation skills, training skills, giving toasts, interviewing, designing PowerPoint presentations, and so on. I mention a few that are extensions of the framework in Own Any Occasion.

  • Presentation Zen. A great book by Garr Reynolds that shows how to create visually stunning slides.
  • The Compelling Communicator: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design. This book by Tim Pollard is a great resource for Building a Talk. Terrific ideas to address Audience, Content, Organization, and Visual Aids.


I am always interested in sites that provide tools to make presentations better. These sites offer ways to improve slides, alternatives to PowerPoint, and more.

  • - Beautiful, free images for improving your presentation slides.
  • First Microsoft created PowerPoint. Now they have created something better: Sway. Rather than adding a slide, adding a slide, and so on, Sway has pre-made presentations with all the slides added depending on the purpose of the presentation. Huge: within Sway is a large image bank so you don't need to go elsewhere to find images.
  • SlidePresenter will "Easily bring together multimedia formats...Every employee will be able to intuitively create attractive content in a short time and share it." Every one in your organization will be able to create training materials specific to your business.


All of the talks here demonstrate the principles of Own Any Occassion. Use them as models as you develop your public speaking skills and oral communication skills.

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